Updated: Sunday January 04, 2009

Robert Lee CBC 2009 images from Texas:

The highlights included Prairie Falcon, hundreds of Mountain Bluebirds, and Sage Thrasher.

The "lowlights" were a substantial lack of sparrows.

Erik Breden
Andrews, Texas

Birding Top 1000 Counter

Robert Lee CBC - January 3rd:

Day After Robert Lee CBC - January 4th:

I was able to find the huge flock of Mountain Bluebirds we had seen the day before on the Christmas Count. I parked along the side of the road in the general area where they were feeding on the berries of juniper bushes. After about 20 minutes they accepted me as part of the landscape, and began (re)using the leafless trees beside me as resting points in between flights to the junipers.

Bluebirds are such a treat to see...I hope you will pardon my indulgence with so many images.

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