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For over 50 years I have explored nature, photographing what I discover. During most of that time I "focused" heavily on bird photography. But along the way a few photos of interesting "bugs" (e.g., butterflies, dragonflies, moths, etc.) were taken as well. After moving to the Rio Grande Valley in 2010, there was a little more emphasis on butterflies and dragonflies.

These pages contain images of 113 North American Butterfly Species (approximately 13 percent of the 859 documented North American butterfly species), and an additional 28 species from Colombia and Panama. A few photos date from as far back as 1968, but most were taken more recently.

Photographing North American Moths, however, is a daunting task, since there are approximately 12,000 North American Moth species! The few images here hardly begin to scratch the surface, but it is a beginning.

NOTE: Any comments on the identification of the species are most welcome. There are a number of "unknown" and "partially" identified (i.e., to Family or Genus only) species, particularly for photos taken outside North America. Thanks in advance for any help.

Use the links above to go directly to the beginning of the image listings, or use the taxonomic list below for a specific Family or Subfamily.

Butterfly Family and Subfamily Classification


Family Papilionidae - Swallowtails

Family Pieridae - Whites and Yellows

Family Lycaenidae - Coppers, Harvester, Hairstreaks, and Blues

Family Riodinidae - Metalmarks

Family Nymphalidae - Brushfoots

Family Hesperiidae - Firetips, Spreadwing Skippers (Cloudywings, Duskywings et al), Skipperlings, Grass-Skippers, and Giant Skippers

Unknown Butterflies - comments on the ID are most welcome!


Moths - North American

Moths - Colombia

Moths - Panama

Moths - Colombia Unknown

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