Updated: Wednesday December 31, 2008

Fall 2008 images from Texas:

Erik Breden
Andrews, Texas

Birding Top 1000 Counter

Andrews County - July 2nd:

Florey Park and Vicinity - August 11th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail - August 20th:

Raymondville and Port Mansfield - August 25th:

Laguna Atascosa NWR - August 26th:

South Padre Island and Laguna Atascosa NWR - August 27th:

South Padre Island and Laguna Atascosa NWR - August 28th:

Raymondville - August 29th:

Florey Park, Andrews - September 4th:

Shafter Lake, Andrews - September 27th:

Shafter Lake, Andrews - October 16th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail, Andrews - October 17th:

Shafter Lake, Andrews - October 26th and 27th:

"Buffalo Wallow", Andrews - October 30th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail, Shafter Lake, Andrews - October 31st:

Florey Park, Andrews - November 7th:

Shafter Lake, Andrews - November 11th:

Lake Balmorhea, Balmorhea - November 19th: Lake Balmorhea, Balmorhea - November 22nd:

Davis Mountains State Park, Fort Davis - November 20th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail - November 26th: Lakeside Park - November 26th:

Lake Balmorhea, Balmorhea - December 19th:

Davis Mountains Christmas Bird Count, Fort Davis - December 20th:

Balmorhea CBC, Balmorhea - December 21st:

Lake Balmorhea, Balmorhea - December 22nd:

Longspurs at Saragosa - December 22nd:

Lakeside Park, Andrews - December 29th:

Lakeside Park, Andrews - December 31st:

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