Updated: Tuesday November 24, 2009

Fall 2009 images from Texas:

Erik Breden
Andrews, Texas

Birding Top 1000 Counter

Lakeside Park - July 21st:

Shafter Lake and Vicinity - July 24th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail - July 27th:

Lakeside Park - July 28th - 31st:

Lakeside Park - August 2nd:

Port Aransas Jetty - August 21st:

Robstown Sod Farm, Hazel Bazemore Park, Kennedy Causeway - August 22nd:

Port Aransas Birding Center - August 23rd:

Port Aransas Jetty - August 23rd:

Robstown Sod Farm, Kaufer-Hubert Memorial Park - August 22nd:

Paradise Pond - August 25th:

Lake Corpus Christi SP, Paradise Pond - August 26th:

Corpus Christi Botanical Gardens, Indian Point Park, Paradise Pond - August 27th:

Indian Point Park, Paradise Pond - August 28th:

Hazel Bazemore Park, Indian Point Park - August 29th:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail - September 22nd:

Andrews Bird Viewing Trail - October 13th and 16th:

NW 8000 Road - October 16th:

My Back Yard - October 26th:

Lakeside Park - November 9th:

Laguna Atascosa NWR - November 20th and 21st:

Gladys Porter Zoo - November 23rd:

SPI Convention Center - November 23rd:

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