Fall 2011 images from Texas:

Updated: Thursday December 29, 2011

Enjoy the birds and photos below...I certainly did while I was taking them!

Erik Breden
Harlingen, Texas

Birding Top 1000 Counter

Weslaco Christmas Bird Count - December 28th:

Frontera Audubon - December 27th:

La Sal Vieja Christmas Count - December 20th:

Santa Ana NWR Christmas Count - December 14th:

A Few of the Birds We Saw: Birding Was Slow, but There Were Other Critters to See:

Falcon State Park - December 8th:

Salineno Feeding Station - December 8th:

Blue Bunting at Casa Santa Ana B&B - November 18th:

Butterflies at Casa Santa Ana B&B - November 18th:

Parrots at the Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival - November 11th:

"Scary" Bug, Harlingen - October 14th:

"Black Witch" Moth, Harlingen - August 29th:

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