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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name](Country Name)

Avocet - Pied Avocet[Recurvirostra avosetta](Avocet)
Blackbird - Eurasian Blackbird[Turdus merula](Blackbird)
Blackcap - Blackcap[Sylvia atricapilla](Blackcap)
Bunting - Common Reed Bunting[Emberiza schoeniclus](Reed Bunting)
Buzzard - Common Buzzard[Buteo buteo](Buzzard)
Capercaillie - Western Capercaillie[Tetrao urogallus](Capercaillie)
Chaffinch - Chaffinch[Fringilla coelebs](Chaffinch)
Chiffchaff - Common Chiffchaff[Phylloscopus collybita](Chiffchaff)
Chough - Red-billed Chough[Pyrrhocorax pyrrhocorax](Chough)
Coot - Eurasian Coot[Fulica atra](Coot)
Crow - Carrion Crow[Corvus corone corone](Carrion Crow)
Crow - Hooded Crow[Corvus corone cornix](Hooded Crow)
Cuckoo - Common Cuckoo[Cuculus canorus](Cuckoo)
Curlew - Eurasian Curlew[Numenius arquata](Curlew)
Dotterel - Eurasian Dotterel[Charadrius morinellus](Dotterel)
Dove - Eurasian Collared-Dove[Streptopelia decaocto](Collared Dove)
Duck - Maned Duck[Chenonetta jubata](Maned Duck)
Duck - Tufted Duck[Aythya fuligula](Tufted Duck)
Duck - Fulvous Whistling-Duck[Dendrocygna bicolor](Fulvous Whistling-Duck)
Dunlin - Dunlin[Calidris alpina](Dunlin)
Dunnock - Dunnock[Prunella modularis](Dunnock)
Eider - Common Eider - European[Somateria mollissima mollissima](European Eider)
Flycatcher - Pied Flycatcher[Ficedula hypoleuca](Pied Flycatcher)
Flycatcher - Spotted Flycatcher[Muscicapa striata](Spotted Flycatcher)
Fulmar - Northern Fulmar[Fulmarus glacialis](Fulmar)
Godwit - Bar-tailed Godwit - European[Limosa lapponica laponnica](European Bar-tailed Godwit)
Goldeneye - Common Goldeneye[Bucephala clangula](Goldeneye)
Goldfinch - European Goldfinch[Carduelis carduelis](Goldfinch)
Goose - Barnacle Goose[Branta leucopsis](Barnacle Goose)
Goose - Graylag Goose[Anser anser](Graylag Goose)
Goose - Greater White-fronted Goose - Siberian[Anser albifrons albifrons](Siberian White-fronted Goose)
Goose - Lesser White-fronted Goose[Anser erythropus](Lesser White-fronted Goose)
Goose - Nene (Hawaiian Goose)[Branta sandvicensis](Nene )
Goose - Pink-footed Goose[Anser brachyrhynchus](Pink-footed Goose)
Goose - Taiga Bean Goose[Anser fabalis](Taiga Bean Goose)
Grebe - Great Crested Grebe[Podiceps cristatus](Great Crested Grebe)
Grebe - Little Grebe[Tachybaptus ruficollis](Little Grebe)
Greenfinch - European Greenfinch[Carduelis chloris](Greenfinch)
Grouse - Red Grouse[Lagopus lagopus scoticus](Red Grouse)
Guillemot - Black Guillemot[Cepphus grylle](Black Guillemot)
Gull - Black-headed Gull[Chroicocephalus ridibundus](Black-headed Gull)
Gull - Great Black-backed Gull[Larus marinus](Great Black-backed Gull)
Gull - Herring Gull - European[Larus argentatus argentatus](European Herring Gull)
Gull - Lesser Black-backed Gull[Larus fuscus](Lesser Black-backed Gull)
Gull - Little Gull[Hydrocoloeus minutus](Little Gull)
Gull - Common Gull - European[Larus canus canus](European Common Gull)
Heron - Gray Heron[Ardea cinerea](Gray Heron)
Jackdaw - Eurasian Jackdaw[Corvus monedula](Jackdaw)
Jaeger - Parasitic Jaeger[Stercorarius parasiticus](Arctic Skua)
Kite - Red Kite[Milvus milvus](Red Kite)
Kittiwake - Black-legged Kittiwake[Rissa tridactyla](Kittiwake)
Lapwing - Northern Lapwing[Vanellus vanellus](Lapwing)
Lark - Wood Lark[Lullula arborea](Woodlark)
Lark - Eurasian Skylark[Alauda arvensis](Skylark)
Magpie - Eurasian Magpie[Pica pica](Magpie)
Mallard - Mallard[Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos](Mallard)
Martin - House Martin[Delichon urbica](House Martin)
Murre - Common Murre[Uria aalge](Guillemot)
Nuthatch - Eurasian Nuthatch - European[Sitta europaea caesia](European Nuthatch)
Owl - Barn Owl[Tyto alba](Barn Owl)
Owl - Snowy Owl[Nyctea scandiaca](Snowy Owl)
Oystercatcher - Eurasian Oystercatcher[Haematopus ostralegus](Oystercatcher)
Phalarope - Red-necked Phalarope[Phalaropus lobatus](Red-necked Phalarope)
Pheasant - Ring-necked Pheasant[Phasianus colchicus](Pheasant)
Pigeon - Rock Pigeon[Columba livia](Rock Pigeon)
Pigeon - Stock Pigeon[Columba oenas](Stock Dove)
Pigeon - Wood Pigeon[Columba palumbus](Woodpigeon)
Pintail - White-cheeked Pintail[Anas bahamensis](White-cheeked Pintail)
Pipit - Meadow Pipit[Anthus pratensis](Meadow Pipit)
Pipit - Rock Pipit[Anthus petrosus](Rock Pipit)
Plover - Eurasian Golden-Plover[Pluvialis apricaria](Golden Plover)
Plover - Black-bellied Plover[Pluvialis squatarola](Gray Plover)
Plover - Common Ringed Plover[Charadrius hiaticula](Ringed Plover)
Pochard - Common Pochard[Aythya ferina](Pochard)
Pochard - Red-crested Pochard[Netta rufina](Red-crested Pochard)
Puffin - Atlantic Puffin[Fratercula arctica](Puffin)
Razorbill - Razorbill[Alca torda](Razorbill)
Redshank - Common Redshank[Tringa totanus](Redshank)
Robin - European Robin[Erithacus rubecula](Robin)
Rook - Rook[Corvus frugilegus](Rook)
Sandpiper - Common Sandpiper[Actitis hypoleucos](Common Sandpiper)
Shelduck - Common Shelduck[Tadorna tadorna](Shelduck)
Shelduck - Ruddy Shelduck[Tadorna ferruginea](Ruddy Shelduck)
Shrike - Red-backed Shrike[Lanius collurio](Red-backed Shrike)
Siskin - European Siskin[Carduelis spinus](Siskin)
Skua - Great Skua[Stercorarius skua](Great Skua)
Smew - Smew[Mergellus albellus](Smew)
Snipe - Common Snipe[Gallinago gallinago](Snipe)
Starling - European Starling[Sturnus vulgaris](Starling)
Stonechat - European Stonechat[Saxicola rubicola](Stonechat)
Tern - Arctic Tern[Sterna paradisaea](Arctic Tern)
Thrush - Mistle Thrush[Turdus viscivorus](Mistle Thrush)
Thrush - Song Thrush[Turdus philomelos](Song Thrush)
Tit - Blue Tit[Parus caeruleus](Blue Tit)
Tit - Great Tit[Parus major](Great Tit)
Treecreeper - Eurasian Treecreeper[Certhia familiaris](Treecreeper)
Twite - Twite[Carduelis flavirostris](Twite)
Wagtail - White Wagtail - Britain[Motacilla alba yarrelli](Pied Wagtail)
Warbler - Common Reed Warbler[Acrocephalus scirpaceus](Reed Warbler)
Warbler - Sedge Warbler[Acrocephalus schoenobaenus](Sedge Warbler)
Warbler - Willow Warbler[Phylloscopus trochilus](Willow Warbler)
Wheatear - Northern Wheatear - European[Oenanthe oenanthe oenanthe](European Northern Wheatear)
Whimbrel - Whimbrel - European[Numenius phaeopus phaeopus](European Whimbrel)
Wigeon - Eurasian Wigeon[Anas penelope](Wigeon)
Wren - Eurasian Wren - Great Britain[Troglodytes troglodytes indigenus](Eurasian Wren)
Wren - Eurasian Wren - Shetland Islands[Troglodytes troglodytes zetlandicus](Shetland Wren)
Yellowhammer - Yellowhammer[Emberiza citrinella](Yellowhammer)

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