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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Dickcissel - Dickcissel[Spiza americana]
Dipper - American Dipper[Cinclus mexicanus]
Dotterel - Eurasian Dotterel[Charadrius morinellus]
Dove - Eurasian Collared-Dove[Streptopelia decaocto]
Dove - Common Ground Dove[Columbina passerina]
Dove - Eared Dove[Zenaida auriculata]
Dove - Inca Dove[Columbina inca]
Dove - Mourning Dove[Zenaida macroura]
Dove - Oriental Turtle Dove[Streptopelia orientalis]
Dove - Ruddy Ground Dove[Columbina talpacoti]
Dove - Spotted Dove[Streptopelia chinensis]
Dove - White-tipped Dove[Leptotila verreauxi]
Dove - White-winged Dove[Zenaida asiatica]
Dove - Zebra Dove[Geopelia striata]
Dove - Ringed Turtle-Dove[Streptopelia risoria]
Dovekie - Dovekie[Alle alle]
Dowitcher - Long-billed Dowitcher[Limnodromus scolopaceus]
Dowitcher - Short-billed Dowitcher - Eastern[Limnodromus griseus griseus]
Dowitcher - Short-billed Dowitcher - Prairie[Limnodromus griseus hendersoni]
Dowitcher - Short-billed Dowitcher - sp.[Limnodromus griseus]
Drongo - Black Drongo[Dicurus macrocercus]
Drongo - Hair-crested Drongo[Dicrurus hottentottus]
Duck - American Black Duck[Anas rubripes]
Duck - Eastern Spot-billed Duck[Anas zonorhyncha]
Duck - Harlequin Duck[Histrionicus histrionicus]
Duck - Long-tailed Duck[Clangula hyemalis]
Duck - Mandarin Duck[Aix galericulata]
Duck - Maned Duck[Chenonetta jubata]
Duck - Masked Duck[Nomonyx dominicus]
Duck - Mottled Duck[Anas fulvigula]
Duck - Muscovy Duck[Cairina moschata]
Duck - Ring-necked Duck[Aythya collaris]
Duck - Ruddy Duck[Oxyura jamaicensis]
Duck - Tufted Duck[Aythya fuligula]
Duck - Wood Duck[Aix sponsa]
Duck - Black-bellied Whistling-Duck[Dendrocygna autumnalis]
Duck - Fulvous Whistling-Duck[Dendrocygna bicolor]
Dunlin - Dunlin[Calidris alpina]
Dunnock - Dunnock[Prunella modularis]

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