Available Pigeon, Dove, and Parrot Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Dove - Eurasian Collared-Dove[Streptopelia decaocto]
Dove - Barred Dove[Geopelia striata]
Dove - Common Ground Dove[Columbina passerina]
Dove - Eared Dove[Zenaida auriculata]
Dove - Inca Dove[Columbina inca]
Dove - Mourning Dove[Zenaida macroura]
Dove - Oriental Turtle Dove[Streptopelia orientalis]
Dove - Ruddy Ground Dove[Columbina talpacoti]
Dove - Spotted Dove[Streptopelia chinensis]
Dove - White-tipped Dove[Leptotila verreauxi]
Dove - White-winged Dove[Zenaida asiatica]
Dove - Ringed Turtle-Dove[Streptopelia risoria]
Parakeet - Brown-throated Parakeet[Aratinga pertinax]
Parakeet - Green Parakeet[Psittacara holochlora]
Parakeet - Monk Parakeet[Myiopsitta monachus]
Parakeet - Orange-chinned Parakeet[Brotogeris jugularis]
Parakeet - Scarlet-fronted Parakeet[Aratinga wagleri]
Parrot - Blue-headed Parrot[Pionus menstruus]
Parrot - Red-crowned Parrot[Amazona viridigenalis]
Parrot - Red-lored Parrot[Amazona autumnalis]
Pigeon - Band-tailed Pigeon[Patagioenas fasciata]
Pigeon - Pale-vented Pigeon[Patagioenas cayennensis]
Pigeon - Red-billed Pigeon[Patagioenas flavirostris]
Pigeon - Rock Pigeon[Columba livia]
Pigeon - Stock Pigeon[Columba oenas]
Pigeon - White-crowned Pigeon[Patagioenas leucocephala]
Pigeon - Wood Pigeon[Columba palumbus]

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