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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Magpie - Azure-winged Magpie[Cyanopica cyanus]
Magpie - Black-billed Magpie[Pica hudsonia]
Magpie - Eurasian Magpie[Pica pica]
Magpie - Yellow-billed Magpie[Pica nuttalli]
Mallard - Mexican Mallard[Anas platyrhynchos novimexicanus]
Mallard - Mallard[Anas platyrhynchos]
Manakin - Lance-tailed Manakin[Chiroxiphia lanceolata]
Mango - Green-breasted Mango[Anthracothorax prevostii]
Martin - Gray-breasted Martin[Progne chalybea]
Martin - House Martin[Delichon urbica]
Martin - Purple Martin[Progne subis]
Martin - Sand Martin (Bank Swallow)[Riparia riparia]
Meadowlark - Eastern (Lilian's) Meadowlark[Sturnella magna lilianae]
Meadowlark - Eastern Meadowlark - Northern[Sturnella magna magna]
Meadowlark - Eastern Meadowlark - Southeastern[Sturnella magna argutula]
Meadowlark - Eastern Meadowlark - Southern Texas[Sturnella magna hoopesi]
Meadowlark - Western Meadowlark[Sturnella neglecta]
Merganser - Common Merganser[Mergus merganser]
Merganser - Hooded Merganser[Lophodytes cucullatus]
Merganser - Red-breasted Merganser[Mergus serrator]
Merlin - Merlin[Falco columbarius]
Metaltail - Tyrian Metaltail[Metallura tyrianthina]
Mockingbird - Northern Mockingbird[Mimus polyglottos]
Mockingbird - Tropical Mockingbird[Mimus gilvus]
Motmot - Broad-billed Motmot[Electron platyrhynchum]
Motmot - Rufous Motmot[Baryphthengus martii]
Motmot - Whooping Motmot[Momotus subrufescens]
Mountain-gem - Blue-throated Mountain-gem[Lampornis clemenciae]
Murre - Bridled Common Murre[Uria aalge]
Murre - Common Murre[Uria aalge]
Murre - Thick-billed Murre - Atlantic[Uria lomvia lomvia]
Murre - Thick-billed Murre - Pacific[Uria lomvia arra]
Murrelet - Ancient Murrelet[Synthliboramphus antiquus]
Myna - Common Myna[Acridotheres tristis]
Myna - Crested Myna[Acridotheres cristatellus]

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