Available Barn and Typical Owl Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Owl - Barn Owl[Tyto alba]
Owl - Barred Owl[Strix varia]
Owl - Burrowing Owl - Florida[Aethia cunicularia cunicularia?]
Owl - Burrowing Owl - Western[Aethia cunicularia hypugaea]
Owl - Eurasian Eagle Owl[Bubo bubo]
Owl - Flammulated Owl[Psiloscops flammeolus]
Owl - Great Gray Owl[Strix nebulosa]
Owl - Great Horned Owl[Bubo virginianus]
Owl - Long-eared Owl[Asio otus]
Owl - Northern Hawk Owl[Surnia ulula]
Owl - Northern Saw-whet Owl[Aegolius acadicus]
Owl - Short-eared Owl[Asio flammeus]
Owl - Snowy Owl[Nyctea scandiaca]
Owl - Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl[Glaucidium brasilianum]
Owl - Northern Pygmy-Owl[Glaucidium gnoma]
Owl - Eastern Screech-Owl - Eastern[Megascops asio asio]
Owl - Eastern Screech-Owl - Mexican[Megascops asio mccallii]
Owl - Eastern Screech-Owl - South Central[Megascops asio hasbroucki]
Owl - Western Screech-Owl[Megascops kennicottii]
Owl - Whiskered Screech-Owl[Megascops trichopsis]

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