Available Trogon, Kingfisher, Puffbird, Motmot, and Hoopoe Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Hoopoe - Eurasian Hoopoe[Upupa epops]
Kingfisher - Amazon Kingfisher[Chloroceryle amazona]
Kingfisher - Belted Kingfisher[Megaceryle alcyon]
Kingfisher - Black-capped Kingfisher[Halcyon pileata]
Kingfisher - Greater Pied Kingfisher[Megaceryle lugubris]
Kingfisher - Green Kingfisher[Chloroceryle americana]
Kingfisher - Ringed Kingfisher[Megaceryle torquata]
Motmot - Broad-billed Motmot[Electron platyrhynchum]
Motmot - Rufous Motmot[Baryphthengus martii]
Motmot - Whooping Motmot[Momotus subrufescens]
Puffbird - Black-breasted Puffbird[Notharchus pectoralis]
Trogon - Black-throated Trogon[Trogon rufus]
Trogon - Elegant Trogon[Trogon elegans]
Trogon - Masked Trogon[Trogon personatus]
Trogon - Slaty-tailed Trogon[Trogon massena]
Trogon - Violaceous Trogon[Trogon violaceus]

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