Available Shrike and Vireo Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Shrike - Bull-headed Shrike[Lanius bucephalus]
Shrike - Loggerhead Shrike[Lanius ludovicianus]
Shrike - Northern Shrike[Lanius excubitor]
Shrike - Red-backed Shrike[Lanius collurio]
Vireo - Bell's Vireo[Vireo bellii]
Vireo - Black-capped Vireo[Vireo atricapilla]
Vireo - Black-whiskered Vireo[Vireo altiloquus]
Vireo - Blue-headed Vireo[Vireo solitarius]
Vireo - Gray Vireo[Vireo vicinior]
Vireo - Hutton's Vireo - Pacific[Vireo huttoni huttoni]
Vireo - Hutton's Vireo - Southwestern[Vireo huttoni stephensi]
Vireo - Philadelphia Vireo[Vireo philadelphicus]
Vireo - Plumbeous Vireo[Vireo plumbeus]
Vireo - Red-eyed Vireo[Vireo olivaceus]
Vireo - Warbling Vireo - Eastern[Vireo gilvus gilvus]
Vireo - Warbling Vireo - Western[Vireo gilvus swainsoni]
Vireo - White-eyed Vireo[Vireo griseus]
Vireo - Yellow-green Vireo[Vireo flavoviridis]
Vireo - Yellow-throated Vireo[Vireo flavifrons]

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