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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Flicker - Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker[Colaptes auratus cafer]
Flicker - Northern (Yellow-shafted) Flicker[Colaptes auratus auratus]
Sapsucker - Red-breasted Sapsucker[Sphyrapicus ruber]
Sapsucker - Red-naped Sapsucker[Sphyrapicus nuchalis]
Sapsucker - Williamson's Sapsucker[Sphyrapicus thyroideus]
Sapsucker - Yellow-bellied Sapsucker[Sphyrapicus varius]
Woodcreeper - Black-striped Woodcreeper[Xiphorhynchus lachrymosus]
Woodcreeper - Cocoa Woodcreeper[Xiphorhynchus susurrans]
Woodpecker - Acorn Woodpecker[Melanerpes formicivorus]
Woodpecker - American Three-toed Woodpecker - Rockies[Picoides dorsalis dorsalis]
Woodpecker - American Three-toed Woodpecker - Western[Picoides dorsalis fasciatus]
Woodpecker - Arizona Woodpecker[Dryobates arizonae]
Woodpecker - Black-backed Woodpecker[Picoides arcticus]
Woodpecker - Black-cheeked Woodpecker[Melanerpes pucherani]
Woodpecker - Crimson-crested Woodpecker[Campephilus melanoleucos]
Woodpecker - Downy Woodpecker[Dryobates pubescens]
Woodpecker - Gila Woodpecker[Melanerpes uropygialis]
Woodpecker - Golden-fronted Woodpecker[Melanerpes aurifrons]
Woodpecker - Great Spotted Woodpecker[Dendrocopus major]
Woodpecker - Hairy Woodpecker - Eastern[Dryobates villosus villosus]
Woodpecker - Hairy Woodpecker - Western[Dryobates villosus ??]
Woodpecker - Japanese Pygmy Woodpecker[Dendrocopus kizuki]
Woodpecker - Ladder-backed Woodpecker[Dryobates scalaris]
Woodpecker - Lewis's Woodpecker[Melanerpes lewis]
Woodpecker - Lineated Woodpecker[Dryocopus lineatus]
Woodpecker - Nuttall's Woodpecker[Dryobates nuttallii]
Woodpecker - Pileated Woodpecker[Dryocopus pileatus]
Woodpecker - Red-bellied Woodpecker[Melanerpes carolinus]
Woodpecker - Red-cockaded Woodpecker[Dryobates borealis]
Woodpecker - Red-crowned Woodpecker[Melanerpes rubricapillus]
Woodpecker - Red-headed Woodpecker[Melanerpes erythrocephalus]
Woodpecker - White-headed Woodpecker[Dryobates albolarvatus]

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