Spring 2011 images from Texas:

Updated: Friday July 22, 2011

After moving to Harlingen, Texas in August 2010, I eagerly awaited the 2011 Spring migration season. As you can see, I spent a lot of time at the lower Texas coast's best migrant trap, South Padre Island. Although the weather was not as cooperative as I would have liked (almost continuous southerly winds which produced no major "fallouts"), there were still lots of good birds to see (and photograph!).

Enjoy the birds and photos below...I certainly did while I was taking them!

Erik Breden
Harlingen, Texas

Birding Top 1000 Counter

Harlingen - July 19th:

Hugh Ramsey Nature Park - July 19th:

Estero Llano Grande State Park - July 11th:

Sabal Palms Sanctuary - June 28th:

Friedrich Wilderness Park - June 22nd:

Green Violetear in Ingram - June 21st:

Sabal Palms Sanctuary - June 14th:

Sabal Palms Sanctuary - June 3rd:

Sabal Palms Sanctuary, Old Port Isabel Road - May 30th:

Sabal Palms Sanctuary - May 26th:

La Feria Sod Farm - May 16th:

Gladys Porter Zoo - May 12th:

South Padre Island - May 4th:

South Padre Island - May 2nd:

South Padre Island - April 30th:

Friedrich Wilderness Park - April 26th:

Valley Land Fund's Sheepshead Lots - April 18th:

SPI Convention Center - April 14th:

SPI Convention Center - April 11th:

Estero Llano Grande State Park/ La Feria Sod Farms - April 8th:

SPI Convention Center - April 5th:

SPI Convention Center - April 1st:

Estero Llano Grande State Park - March 29th:

Harlingen - March 10th:

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