Available Loon and Grebe Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Grebe - Clark's Grebe[Aechmophorus clarkii]
Grebe - Eared Grebe[Podiceps nigricollis]
Grebe - Great Crested Grebe[Podiceps cristatus]
Grebe - Horned Grebe[Podiceps auritus]
Grebe - Least Grebe[Tachybaptus dominicus]
Grebe - Little Grebe[Tachybaptus ruficollis]
Grebe - Pied-billed Grebe[Podilymbus podiceps]
Grebe - Red-necked Grebe[Podiceps grisegena]
Grebe - Western Grebe[Aechmophorus occidentalis]
Loon - Common Loon[Gavia immer]
Loon - Pacific Loon[Gavia pacifica]
Loon - Red-throated Loon[Gavia stellata]
Loon - Yellow-billed Loon[Gavia adamsii]

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