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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Albatross - Laysan Albatross[Phoebastria immutabilis]
Booby - Brown Booby[Sula leucogaster]
Booby - Red-footed Booby[Sula sula]
Frigatebird - Magnificent Frigatebird[Fregata magnificens]
Fulmar - Northern Fulmar[Fulmarus glacialis]
Gannet - Northern Gannet[Morus bassanus]
Petrel - Leach's Storm-Petrel[Hydrobates leucorhoa]
Petrel - Wilson's Storm-Petrel[Oceanites oceanicus]
Shearwater - Cory's Shearwater[Calonectris diomedea]
Shearwater - Great Shearwater[Ardenna gravis]
Shearwater - Short-tailed Shearwater[Ardenna tenuirostris]
Shearwater - Sooty Shearwater[Ardenna grisea]
Shearwater - Wedge-tailed Shearwater[Ardenna pacifica]

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