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Updated: Saturday October 08, 2011

In September 2011 my wife and I took an old fashioned "driving vacation" out to the Canyonlands of Colorado, Utah, and Arizona. We visited Indian ruins and the breathtaking scenery of the many National Parks and National Monuments concentrated in this geographic area. Several State Parks were also included, along with a few specialty locations highlighted below.

Our third stop was Mexican Hat, Utah, gateway to one of the desert southwest's most iconic locations...Monument Valley!

Erik Breden
Harlingen, Texas

Mexican Hat, Utah:

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Monument Valley (Navajo Reservation Land - Arizona)


Valley of the Gods - Mexican Hat, Utah


Goosenecks State Park - Mexican Hat, Utah

Goosnecks State Park is famous because the San Juan River flows for six miles in a series of tight hairpin turns, but only covers a linear distance of two miles. This is, apparently, a world record of some kind, and is best shown from above, as in this Google Earth satellite view.
The first and second hairpin turns...
The second hairpin turn...
The second, third and fourth hairpin turns...

Miscellaneous Sites and Sights - Mexican Hat, Utah

The town of Mexican Hat gets its name from this rock formation just to the East of the town along Route 163. It looks like an upside-down Sombrero, hence the name "Mexican Hat"!
Remember the scene in the movie "Forest Gump" when he finally quits running? He's on a road in the middle of the desert with large rock formations in the background. This road, on the way from Mexican Hat to Monument Valley, is where that scene was shot.
This formation shows the delicate effects of wind and water erosion over many thousands of years...
This is a wide angle view of the formation above...Hey! Get out of the picture!

Fooled you! I never said the formation was big!

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