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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Auklet - Crested Auklet[Aethia cristatella]
Auklet - Least Auklet[Aethia pusilla]
Auklet - Parakeet Auklet[Aethia psittacula]
Dovekie - Dovekie[Alle alle]
Guillemot - Black Guillemot[Cepphus grylle]
Guillemot - Pigeon Guillemot[Cepphus columba]
Murre - Bridled Common Murre[Uria aalge]
Murre - Common Murre[Uria aalge]
Murre - Thick-billed Murre - Atlantic[Uria lomvia lomvia]
Murre - Thick-billed Murre - Pacific[Uria lomvia arra]
Murrelet - Ancient Murrelet[Synthliboramphus antiquus]
Puffin - Atlantic Puffin[Fratercula arctica]
Puffin - Horned Puffin[Fratercula corniculata]
Puffin - Tufted Puffin[Fratercula cirrhata]
Razorbill - Razorbill[Alca torda]

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