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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Gull - Black-headed Gull[Larus ridibundus]
Gull - Bonaparte's Gull[Chroicocephalus philadelphia]
Gull - California Gull[Larus californicus]
Gull - Franklin's Gull[Leucophaeus pipixcan]
Gull - Glaucous Gull[Larus hyperboreus]
Gull - Glaucous-winged Gull[Larus glaucescens]
Gull - Great Black-backed Gull[Larus marinus]
Gull - Heermann's Gull[Larus heermanni]
Gull - Herring Gull - European[Larus argentatus argentatus]
Gull - Herring Gull - North American[Larus argentatus smithsonianus]
Gull - Iceland Gull - Kumlien's[Larus glaucoides kumlieni]
Gull - Iceland Gull - Nominate[Larus glaucoides glaucoides]
Gull - Laughing Gull[Leucophaeus atricilla]
Gull - Lesser Black-backed Gull[Larus fuscus]
Gull - Little Gull[Hydrocoloeus minutus]
Gull - Common Gull - European[Larus canus canus]
Gull - Mew Gull[Larus canus brachyrhynchus]
Gull - Ring-billed Gull[Larus delawarensis]
Gull - Sabine's Gull[Xema sabini]
Gull - Saunders's Gull[Larus saundersi]
Gull - Slaty-backed Gull[Larus schistisagus]
Gull - Western Gull[Larus occidentalis]
Jaeger - Long-tailed Jaeger[Stercorarius longicaudus]
Jaeger - Parasitic Jaeger[Stercorarius parasiticus]
Jaeger - Pomarine Jaeger[Stercorarius pomarinus]
Kittiwake - Black-legged Kittiwake[Rissa tridactyla]
Kittiwake - Red-legged Kittiwake[Rissa brevirostris]
Noddy - Brown Noddy[Anous stolidus]
Skimmer - Black Skimmer[Rynchops niger]
Tern - Arctic Tern[Sterna paradisaea]
Tern - Black Tern[Chlidonias niger]
Tern - Caspian Tern[Hydroprogne caspia]
Tern - Common Tern[Sterna hirundo]
Tern - Elegant Tern[Thalasseus elegans]
Tern - Forster's Tern[Sterna forsteri]
Tern - Gull-billed Tern[Gelocheliden nilotica]
Tern - Least Tern[Sternula antillarum]
Tern - Little Tern[Sterna albifrons]
Tern - Royal Tern[Thalasseus maximus]
Tern - Sandwich Tern[Thalasseus sandvicensis]
Tern - Whiskered Tern[Childonias hybridus]
Tern - White-winged Tern[Childonias leucopterus]

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