Available Old World Warbler and Flycatcher, Thrush et al. Images List
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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Blackbird - Eurasian Blackbird[Turdus merula]
Blackcap - Blackcap[Sylvia atricapilla]
Bluebird - Eastern Bluebird[Sialia sialis]
Bluebird - Mountain Bluebird[Sialia currucoides]
Bluebird - Western Bluebird[Sialia mexicana]
Bluethroat - Bluethroat[Luscinia svecica]
Chiffchaff - Common Chiffchaff[Phylloscopus collybita]
Dipper - American Dipper[Cinclus mexicanus]
Flycatcher - Asian Brown Flycatcher[Muscicapa dauurica]
Flycatcher - Blue-and-white Flycatcher[Cyanoptila cyanomelana]
Flycatcher - Dark-sided Flycatcher[Muscicapa sibirica]
Flycatcher - Gray-streaked Flycatcher[Muscicapa griseisticta]
Flycatcher - Japanese Paradise Flycatcher[Terpsiphone atrocaudata]
Flycatcher - Mugimaki Flycatcher[Ficedula mugimaki]
Flycatcher - Narcissus Flycatcher[Ficedula narcissina]
Flycatcher - Pied Flycatcher[Ficedula hypoleuca]
Flycatcher - Spotted Flycatcher[Muscicapa striata]
Flycatcher - Yellow-rumped Flycatcher[Ficedula zanthopygia]
Oropendola - Crested Oropendola[Psarocolius decumanus]
Robin - American Robin[Turdus migratorius]
Robin - European Robin[Erithacus rubecula]
Robin - Rufous-backed Robin[Turdus rufopalliatus]
Solitaire - Townsend's Solitaire[Myadestes townsendi]
Stonechat - Siberian Stonechat[Saxicola maurus]
Stonechat - Stonechat[Saxicola torquata]
Thrush - Blue Rock Thrush[Monticola solitarius]
Thrush - Clay-colored Thrush[Turdus grayi]
Thrush - Dusky Thrush[Turdus naumanni]
Thrush - Eyebrowed Thrush[Turdus obscurus]
Thrush - Gray-cheeked Thrush - Eastern[Catharus minimus minimus]
Thrush - Gray-cheeked Thrush - Western[Catharus minimus aliciae]
Thrush - Great Thrush[Turdus fuscater]
Thrush - Hermit Thrush - Eastern[Catharus guttatus faxoni]
Thrush - Hermit Thrush - Rockies[Catharus guttatus auduboni]
Thrush - Mistle Thrush[Turdus viscivorus]
Thrush - Song Thrush[Turdus philomelos]
Thrush - Swainson's Thrush[Catharus ustulatus]
Thrush - Varied Thrush[Ixoreus naevius]
Thrush - White-throated Thrush[Turdus assimilis]
Thrush - Wood Thrush[Hylocichla mustelina]
Veery - Veery[Catharus fuscescens]
Warbler - Arctic Warbler[Phylloscopus borealis]
Warbler - Common Reed Warbler[Acrocephalus scirpaceus]
Warbler - Eastern Crowned Warbler[Phylloscopus coronatus]
Warbler - Lanceolated Warbler[Locustella lanceolata]
Warbler - Manchurian Bush Warbler[Cettia canturians]
Warbler - Oriental Reed Warbler[Acrocephalus orientalis]
Warbler - Pale-legged Leaf Warbler[Phylloscopus tenellipes]
Warbler - Sedge Warbler[Acrocephalus schoenobaenus]
Warbler - Willow Warbler[Phylloscopus trochilus]
Warbler - Yellow-browed Warbler[Phylloscopus inornatus]
Wheatear - Northern Wheatear - European[Oenanthe oenanthe oenanthe]
Wheatear - Northern Wheatear - Greenland[Oenanthe oenanthe leucorhea]
Wrentit - Wrentit[Chamaea fasciata]

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