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TypeCommon Name[Latin Name]

Wagtail - Forest Wagtail[Dendronanthus indicus]
Wagtail - Gray Wagtail[Motacilla cinerea]
Wagtail - Black-backed Wagtail[Motacilla alba lugens]
Wagtail - White Wagtail[Motacilla alba]
Wagtail - White Wagtail - Britain[Motacilla alba yarrelli]
Wagtail - Yellow Wagtail[Motacilla flava]
Warbler - Arctic Warbler[Phylloscopus borealis]
Warbler - Bay-breasted Warbler[Setophaga castanea]
Warbler - Black-and-white Warbler[Mniotilta varia]
Warbler - Blackburnian Warbler[Setophaga fusca]
Warbler - Blackpoll Warbler[Setophaga striata]
Warbler - Black-throated Blue Warbler[Setophaga caerulescens]
Warbler - Black-throated Gray Warbler[Setophaga nigrescens]
Warbler - Black-throated Green Warbler[Setophaga virens]
Warbler - Blue-winged (Brewster's) Warbler[Vermivora cyanoptera brewsteri]
Warbler - Blue-winged Warbler[Vermivora cyanoptera]
Warbler - Canada Warbler[Cardellina canadensis]
Warbler - Cape May Warbler[Setophaga tigrina]
Warbler - Cerulean Warbler[Setophaga cerulea]
Warbler - Chestnut-sided Warbler[Setophaga pensylvanica]
Warbler - Common Reed Warbler[Acrocephalus scirpaceus]
Warbler - Connecticut Warbler[Oporornis agilis]
Warbler - Eastern Crowned Warbler[Phylloscopus coronatus]
Warbler - Golden-cheeked Warbler[Setophaga chrysoparia]
Warbler - Golden-crowned Warbler[Basileuterus culicivorus]
Warbler - Golden-winged (Lawrence's) Warbler[Vermivora chrysoptera lawrencei]
Warbler - Golden-winged Warbler[Vermivora chrysoptera]
Warbler - Hermit Warbler[Setophaga occidentalis]
Warbler - Hooded Warbler[Setophaga citrina]
Warbler - Kentucky Warbler[Geothlypis formosa]
Warbler - Lanceolated Warbler[Locustella lanceolata]
Warbler - Lucy's Warbler[Oreothlypis luciae]
Warbler - MacGillivray's Warbler[Geothlypis tolmiei]
Warbler - Magnolia Warbler[Setophaga magnolia]
Warbler - Manchurian Bush Warbler[Cettia canturians]
Warbler - Mourning Warbler[Geothlypis philadelphia]
Warbler - Nashville Warbler[Oreothlypis ruficapilla]
Warbler - Orange-crowned Warbler[Oreothlypis celata]
Warbler - Oriental Reed Warbler[Acrocephalus orientalis]
Warbler - Pale-legged Leaf Warbler[Phylloscopus tenellipes]
Warbler - Palm Warbler - Western[Setophaga palmarum palmarum]
Warbler - Pine Warbler[Setophaga pinus]
Warbler - Prairie Warbler[Setophaga discolor]
Warbler - Prothonotary Warbler[Protonotaria citrea]
Warbler - Rufous-capped Warbler[Basileuterus rufifrons]

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